University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.48/4.0
Graduated: May 2013

Work Experience

Riverbed Technology

Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Champaign, IL
Summer 2012, May 2013—Present

Riverbed makes products to optimize application protocols over low-bandwidth and high-latency networks

  • Built performance and feature tests for an Android application that optimized mobile VPN traffic
    • Ran nightly tests and analyzed result data to measure performance and detect obscure issues
    • Tested SSL optimization and wrote automated SSL setup for tests
  • Helped write automation to install and test releases of Riverbed's software for Microsoft Azure
  • Maintained automation for testing optimization of the Microsoft Exchange protocol
  • Interned during Summer 2012
    • Developed tool for crawling a website on a mobile browser to generate HTTP traffic for testing
    • Gained experience with Python, Android development, and Selenium WebDriver

Dair-E-Land Holsteins

Technician, Developer, and Laborer
Augsburg, IL

Dairy and grain operation owned by my family with about 130 milking cows and 900 farmed acres

  • Acquired practical, hands-on experience involving operating tractors and machinery, mechanical and electrical systems, troubleshooting, and caring for animals, all while developing a strong work ethic
  • Recently built a system and software to monitor cows using IP cameras viewed on a webpage and TVs
  • Improved Internet access by using Multipath TCP to simultaneously utilize two ISPs
  • Currently building a system to automatically feed our cows, using a PLC with web-based control

University of Illinois Computer Science Department

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Champaign, IL
March 2011—May 2013
  • Developed Locus: A Vehicular-based Content Management Network for Location-centric Applications.
  • Gained experience with Wi-Fi, OBDII, GPS, Android, energy efficient protocols and DTN protocols
  • The team presented two demos, a paper, and a poster at conferences
  • Worked full-time during Summer 2011
    • Wrote software enabling cars to connect to University access points, create ad-hoc networks, collect car location and telemetry data, and send collected information to a central server.
    • Designed and implemented a web interface to play back historical and live data

University of Illinois Housing Department

Network Technician
Champaign, IL
August 2010—May 2012
  • Provided technical assistance for University Housing residents and responded to problems on the network

Additional Skills

  • C/C++, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, MySQL, AWS, TCP/IP
  • Relevant hobbies include audio/video production and electrical circuits